Endomag is now the sole distributor of the Sentimag system in the UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia

Endomag to be sole distributor of the Sentimag system announcement graphic

As of 1st January 2023, Endomag has replaced Sysmex Ltd as the exclusive provider of the Sentimag® system for the UK, France, Germany and the Nordic regions.

In recent years, the Endomag team has grown significantly in preparation for this transition, building a larger field-based team to assist our growing network of customers, and enable us to provide full service for all users of the Sentimag® platform.

Our experience from supporting over 300,000 patient surgeries in more than 1,000 breast centres, means we’ve listened and learnt from the experiences of many clinicians, to understand what we can do to better support cutting edge breast cancer surgery.

This transition to direct providers of our Sentimag, Magseed and Magtrace technologies, means that Endomag will now be able to make even greater investments into clinical research, fast track product innovation and provide around-the-clock dedicated customer support.

Collage of photos showing Endomag staff and products
“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work even closer with Sentimag users, and to help directly provide them with the technologies they need to make their jobs - and the patient experience - even better,”Dr Eric Mayes, Chief Executive Officer at Endomag

As manufacturer and distributor respectively, Endomag and Sysmex have worked hand-in-hand over the last ten years, and we’d like to recognise their efforts in establishing the Sentimag as one of Europe’s leading technologies for tissue localisation.

“We are grateful to Sysmex for the excellent work they have done over the past decade in helping us to provide our ground-breaking technologies to hospitals across Europe,” said Eric. “Working together, we’ve been able to ensure hundreds of thousands of breast cancer patients have received the best possible standard of care with the Sentimag platform.

Our shared objective is to ensure that there is minimal change to daily operations for affected customers during this period and onwards into 2023.

Sentimag customers affected by this change have been contacted directly by both their Endomag and Sysmex teams with more information on any next steps.