Calgary offers patients province-wide access to Sentimag technologies

Canadian patients across Alberta are now able to access the latest wire-free, radiation-free technologies for breast cancer treatment.

Funded by the Calgary Health Foundation and Alberta Cancer Foundation, the province-wide adoption of Sentimag, Magseed® marker and Magtrace will allow physicians to treat more patients, and offer an improved experience for those undergoing treatment.

The new initiative sees the Magseed® marker replace the traditional hookwire technique, which has been known to cause discomfort and scheduling issues, as the standard of care in Alberta. Magseed offers a more precise and significantly less invasive approach for localizing breast cancer. 

The investment in Magtrace reduces reliance on radioactive solutions, which can provide a painful burning sensation before the surgery has even been performed. It will also offer the surgeons in Calgary the opportunity to choose whether to inject Magtrace ahead of time or just before surgery while the patient is already anesthetized. 

We are thrilled to support the Sentimag Project, a revolutionary step forward in breast cancer treatment. Investments in innovative technologies like Magseed not only help advance the precision and effectiveness of cancer surgeries but also help ease the patient experience” said Barbara Munroe, Board Vice Chair of Alberta Cancer Foundation, as reported in Fox 40.

“This project truly aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to transforming cancer treatment and ensuring the best possible care for Albertans facing cancer” Barbara Munroe, Board Vice Chair of Alberta Cancer Foundation

“The patient journey is now more complex with many moving parts which can be daunting and stressful. Localizing the tumour and mapping lymph nodes is one piece of a complicated process for women which we can easily improve with new technology" said Dr. May Lynn Quan, Medical Director of the Calgary Breast Health Program and the driving force behind the adoption.

By taking advantage of opportunities to use devices like the Sentimag system, we can enhance the patient experience and remove strain from the healthcare system.”Dr. May Lynn Quan, Medical Director of the Calgary Breast Health Program

While there is already tremendous excitement around the benefits these technologies can bring in the immediate term, Dr. Quan and her colleagues remain ambitious to continue exploring the full potential of using the Sentimag platform, including further de-escalation of surgery and placement of the seed at the time of biopsy, prior to chemotherapy or surgery.

Calgary Health Foundation and Alberta Cancer Foundation’s investment sees them join an ever-growing global network of hospitals who have chosen the Sentimag® system to give their patients a better standard of breast cancer care.

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