ALND and XRT vs Radiotherapy alone: Which approach works best for positive lymph nodes AFTER neoadjuvant therapy? Highlights from TBCC 2022

The debate over the best treatment for patients with persistently positive nodal status - ALND and radiotherapy, or radiotherapy alone - is one that has been considered for many years.

In this highly topical debate from the Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative, we brought together two surgical heavyweights - Prof. Thorsten Kühn from Germany and Judy Boughey, M.D. from the US - to make their case for each side on this polarizing topic.

To perform extensive surgery, or not - that is the question…

Watch as they discuss and debate: 

  • The percentage of patients down staged after neoadjuvant therapy (NAT) and the current guidelines for treatment post-NAT.
  • What they believe defines over treatment for this cohort of patients.
  • Long term axillary recurrence rates in patients with disease left behind after SLN surgery.
  • The two arms of the Alliance A11202 trial and whether the findings will provide a clear route forward.
  • The need to consider survivorship and the patient quality of life.

So, which gets your vote?

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