Does your wire-free localization marker provide a full isotropic reading? A new study reveals all…

Can you be certain that your seed localisation marker is performing as accurately as it should be - and as precisely as you need it to be? 

The results from a new study, presented at the inaugural Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative (TBCC) meeting, have found that of the world’s three most used wire-free localisation devices, only Magseed provides true accuracy from all angles.

Mr. Paul Thiruchelvam and his team designed the lab-based study to compare Magseed with both the radar and RFID seed technologies. They analysed distance accuracy, uniformity of signal (isotropy) and other factors that could distort readings - and were surprised by the differences between technologies. 

Here are some of the main observations:

  • The distance accuracy of each seed can vary significantly - from 1cm, all the way out to 5cm. Magseed retains a reliable counts reading throughout.
  • The orientation of the seed placement has a significant impact on the detection accuracy of RFID and Radar devices. 
  • The Sentimag platform is the only device to provide consistently accurate findings at 3cm out from all angles.
  • Probe contact can have a significant impact on some markers. Fortunately, Magseed can never be deactivated.

Find out more about Magseed here

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