Let's talk about Black Women and Breast Cancer: the inaugural conference

Black women and breast cancer group photo

We joined the African Caribbean Medical Association from King’s College at the first BAME breast cancer awareness day in London.

More and more women are recovering from breast cancer than ever before. Yet, certain ethnic groups continue to have poorer outcomes, despite great improvements in cancer care. In London, black women fare the worst when it comes to outcomes.

The reasons are unclear. Undoubtedly, it encompasses environmental, cultural and societal factors. Oncoplastic Surgeon, Dr Georgette Oni, from the Nottingham Breast Institute, was keen to create a breast health day to explore this issue. We were more than happy to support.

Black Women and Breast Cancer attendees looking engaged in activities out of shot

We joined the day and enjoyed being part of the ‘Treasure Our Chests’ campaign launch. It was designed to help improve knowledge and understanding of breast health among black women.

Black Women and Breast Cancer conference in action

The one-day meeting covered a broad range of areas. We talked about everything, from health prevention to diagnosis and treatment.

As you can see from our photographs, the day was well attended by the general public, students and doctors. Everyone came together to figure out how we can better address health inequalities.

Group photo of attendees at Black Women and Breast Cancer 2019

It was a wonderful day with serious ambition and such a positive spirit. We’re looking forward to the next one.