Perfecting the aesthetic flat closure: Top tips from Allison DiPasquale, MD for patient-first success

Long gone are times when breast cancer surgery was solely about removing the cancer by any means, and worrying about the aesthetic outcome later.

Patient knowledge around reconstruction options post-mastectomy is growing through online communities like Not Putting on a Shirt, and with it, so is the need for surgeons to deliver improved aesthetic results. 

In this talk from the 2022 Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative (TBCC) meeting, expert reconstructive breast surgeon Alison DiPasquale, MD presents the best methods and surgical techniques available to breast surgeons to deliver the perfect flat closure. 

Watch Dr DiPasquale uncover: 

  • The difference between a well-contoured breast and a poorly-contoured one.
  • How to work with your patient to map out and visualize the ideal outcome.
  • Considering the different flat closure incisions, including the ‘Goldilocks’ technique of utilizing redundant tissue to reshape post-surgery.  
  • Examples of flat patient success stories, including approaching transgender closure.
  • Making an economic case to your hospital to justify the extra time taken to improve the aesthetic. 

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