Ready to go wire-free? Dr Dauway explains why all the clinical data leads to Magseed®

Thinking it’s time to move away from using guidewires? Dr. Emilia Duaway explains why you can trust in the data behind Magseed® marker to provide you with the most versatile localization platform. 

As one of the original co-founders of the radioactive seed during her time at Moffitt Cancer Center - and having tried out many other non-radioactive seeds since - it’s fair to say that Dr. Dauway knows a thing or two about precision localization. 

In this talk from TBCC 2022, watch as she guides us through the evolution of the seed marker and explains why the Magseed® marker and Sentimag® platform have redefined the treatment possibilities for breast and axilla localization.

Hear about: 

  • How important it is for your seed technologies to be data-backed, proven for clinical effectiveness to avoid you being left in the dark.
  • How the unique design of Magseed® makes it the ideal seed marker for use in Targeted Axillary Dissection. 
  • The role of technology in driving efficiencies for healthcare systems, and how the Sentimag® platform demonstrates this by offering more surgical opportunities.
  • Why it’s so important that we fight for patient access to the best standard of care not just at home, but around the world.

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