Should every breast cancer patient undergo genetic testing?

Genetic testing has become one of the significant breakthroughs in patient treatment in recent years. But should it be compulsory for all patients - or is it just an unnecessary distraction for some?

In this hot debate from the Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative (TBCC) meeting, Pat Whitworth, M.D (For) and Prof. Carol Benn (Against) tackled this important subject, in an attempt to define the best approach. 

Watch as they discuss and debate:

  • How many surgeons are already offering genetic testing.
  • Effectiveness in pre-determining breast cancer risk.
  • The importance of understanding tumor biology and the oncological response to treatment.
  • The impact genetic testing has on planned treatment pathways - for good or bad.
  • Which patient subgroups this may appear to be unnecessary for.

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