Learn from the world’s leading breast surgeons: Introducing TBCC On-Demand


What if you could bring 70 of the world’s leading breast physicians from both sides of the Atlantic together in one room, to discuss, debate and define the future of breast cancer care over two highly collaborative days? 

That’s the question that led us to form the inaugural Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative – which came together for the industry’s first and only “anti-meeting” meeting.

At Endomag, we’ve had the privilege of spending time in operating rooms across the world for more than a decade. This has given us a unique insight into the similarities and, more importantly, the differences, between how breast cancer is treated.

It’s these differences that really help drive breast cancer treatment forward. So we decided that this meeting had to be different from every other meeting. It had to be more focused on the collaboration and the debates.

We created an environment of openness, with shorter talks and more room for discussion - to enable these highly-ambitious physicians to truly delve into the most prominent issues facing all surgeons, radiologists and patients today. 

All of those candid conversations were captured on camera, and now you too can relive this weekend of exceptional educational content.

Watch the full series here

What is “TBCC On Demand’ all about? 

Enjoy free access to watch the latest data on advanced surgical techniques, the up-and-coming innovations to keep an eye out for, and key debates around the most controversial topics in breast cancer. All driven by speakers with over 1,000 years of collective clinical experience.

You can now watch this first season of insightful debates and discussions from the Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative, with even more to come in ‘Season Two’ later this year. 

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