How to truly unlock your seed program potential? Only with Magtrace®

A new Phase III study has found that only by switching to a ‘complete magnetic approach’ with Magseed and Magtrace for lesion localisation and sentinel lymph node biopsy can the full range of efficiency benefits be unlocked for physicians and their hospitals.

In the paper, surgeons, radiologists, and theatre coordinators acknowledged the benefits of the Sentimag platform as “favourable” for ease of use, shortening operative times and simplifying the logistics of each procedure.

“Paramagnetic markers and SPIO both have the benefit of decoupling the respective procedure from the day of surgery, however, if not combined, this benefit is not being fully utilised.”Pantiora, Jazrawi, Hersi et al (2023)

Published on 27 December 2023 in JAMA Surgerythe study from Pantiora, Jazrawi et al featured a cohort of 426 patients, who were enrolled over 4 years and randomized into two groups: 

  • 213 patients - a Magseed placed to localise their lesion
  • 213 patients - a Guidewire placed to localise their lesion

All patients also received Magtrace for the SLNB part of the procedure, which was injected an average of 7 days ahead of surgery. 

The results found that not only was the re-excision rates extremely low for the ‘MagTotal’ approach, but there were also huge gains in accuracy and time savings for all hospitals involved.

Impressive Re-Excision Rates

Across 213 patients, the combination of Magseed and Magtrace produced an extremely low 2.87% re-excision rate, comparative to the wire and Magtrace arm. These results were even more impressive in the hands of more experienced users.

“Further analyses conducted showed that in the center with the longest experience with the probe, resection ratios and re-excision rates were the lowest.”

This finding proved that using Magseed and Magtrace together had no impact on the accuracy of the surgery and creates opportunities for additional procedures each day in the OR.


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