Delayed Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: Shawna Willey, M.D. explains why it’s the best surgical option for high-risk DCIS patients

The publication of the SentiNOT study showed that there is now a technique to avoid axillary surgery for many high-risk DCIS patients, who simply do not need it. But what is Delayed SLNB, and how does it work?

In this talk from the inaugural Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative meeting, Shawna Willey M.D. explains how Magtrace enables this unique technique and shares her success with it so far. 

Watch as Dr Willey addresses:

  • The percentage of high–risk DCIS patients that are pathologically upgraded to an invasive diagnosis.
  • How Magtrace is different from the ‘Gold Standard’, and supports better results with the delayed technique.
  • Why delayed SLNB helps to reduce the patients lymphedema risk.
  • How you can enroll in the next phase of research - the SentiNOT 2.0 trial.

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