Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative

70 industry-leading physicians from four continents. Stripped back, tackling the breast cancer issues that matter to you at the Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative (TBCC), the world’s first “anti-meeting” meeting.

Season 1

Patrick Borgen vs Ben Ragtop

[Debate] MRI is Overutilized in the Work-up of Primary Breast Cancer

Patrick Borgen, MD vs Ben Ragtop

Andreas Karakatsanis

Where, When and Why to Inject Magtrace

Dr Andreas Karakatsanis

Thorsten Kühn vs Judy Boughey

[Debate] Persistently positive node post-NAC means ALND is a must

Prof. Thorsten Kuhn & Judy Boughey, MD

Shawna Willey at TBCC discussing delayed sentinel lymph node biopsy

Delayed Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Shawna Willey, MD

Allison Dipasquale at TBCC discussing techniques in aesthetic flap closure

Techniques in Aesthetic Flat Closure

Allison DiPasquale, MD

Pat Whitworth and Carol Benn discussing genetic testing in breast cancer patients

[Debate] Genetic Testing

Pat Whitworth, MD & Prof Carol Benn

Overview of Magseed data - Dr Emilia Dauway

Didactic Session - Overview of Magseed Data

Dr Emilia Dauway

The ideal seed marker discussion cover image

'The Ideal Seed Marker'

Helen Pass and Linda Han discussion cover image

TBCC Debate - SLN omitted in women aged 70 and over with HR+ and Her2-

Helen Pass, MD & Linda Han, MD

Michael Alvarado, M.D. at TBCC discussing overcoming Magtrace challenges

Overcoming Magtrace Challenges

Michael Alvarado, MD

Peter Barry and Ashley Simpson discuss reconstruction for patients with high likelihood of PMRT

[Debate] PMRT likely patients should be offered reconstruction

Mr. Peter Barry & Ashley Simpson, MD

Anne Peled, M.D. at TBCC discussing nerve preservation

Nerve Preservation: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Anne Peled, MD

Season 2

[Debate] All DCIS Patients Should Have Genomic Testing to Determine Adjuvant Radiation

Prof. Alastair Thompson and Brigid Killelea, M.D.

Utlising Local Flaps in Ocoplastics

Ms. Anushka Chaudhry

Introduction to Magtrace & Data Overview

Kandace McGuire, M.D.

[Debate] All Patients Should Undergo Oncoplastic Surgery

Mr. James Harvey and Julie Margenthaler, M.D.

MagUS and NeoMagUS Techniques

Dr. Andreas Karakatsanis

Efficacy of SLNB After Oncoplastic Surgery for DCIS?

Patricia Clark, M.D.

[Debate] PMRT for Mastectomy Patients with 1-2 Positive SLN's is Equivalent to ALND

Terry Mamounas, M.D. and Mr. Daniel Leff

New Data - Seed Isotropy & Imaging Study

Mr. Paul Thiruchelvum

[Debate] Placement of Seeds at Time of Biopsy is Unnecessary and Wasteful

Eric Manahan, M.D. and Barry Rosen, M.D.