Celebrating over 500,000 patients treated with the Sentimag platform

The Sentimag® platform has officially helped over 500,000 patients to access a better standard of breast cancer care

Over many years of being in and around operating rooms across the world, we’ve seen the trauma that a breast cancer diagnosis can bring.

Our mission has always been to improve access to high quality cancer care, by providing technologies such as the Magseed® marker and Magtrace® lymphatic tracer, that help to minimise the stress and anxiety felt by patients, and to improve their outcomes.

“To have supported over 500,000 patients in accessing advanced cancer care through the Sentimag platform is inspiring. We always knew these technologies could make a difference, but it was only a few years ago that we were celebrating tens of thousands of patients being treated. We couldn’t have expected the speed and scale at which they have since been adopted and routinely used" said Dr. Eric Mayes, CEO of Endomag.

"We celebrate this significant milestone, not only within our extremely hard-working team, but also with the caregivers and patients who have continuously put their faith and trust in us."Dr. Eric Mayes, CEO of Endomag

Jeri Francoeur, a two-time breast cancer survivor and patient advocate, is one such patient who has been treated by the Sentimag system and underwent a ‘delayed’ sentinel lymph node biopsy with Magtrace.

The unique nature of the technology meant she was able to avoid a surgical procedure that she’d have otherwise had to have with other radioactive mapping agents. 

“I knew it was going to be a much better option than technetium and the horrible burning that you get with that … [with Magtrace] there was minimal discomfort. It was basically pain-free. I believe that this will be a gamechanger for surgical treatment in breast cancer”Jeri Francoeur, Former Breast Cancer Patient

One of the first to have used these technologies in the original clinical trial is Professor. Alastair Thompson, who is based at one of the world’s leading breast cancer institutes, Baylor College of Medicine. He first started using the Sentimag in the UK almost a decade ago, before bringing it with him to MD Anderson Cancer Center, and more recently establishing it as the standard of care at Baylor. 

He has since been involved in a wider group of pioneering physicians developing new techniques with the system such as Targeted Axillary Dissection and Delayed Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, that help to reduce surgery, and in some cases eliminate it altogether.

"This [Sentimag] technology has allowed for new advanced techniques to be developed, to not only improve patient outcomes, but also de-escalate surgery if it isn’t necessary. Our patients and hospital system benefit greatly from this innovative technology”Prof. Alastair Thompson, Professor and Chief, Section of Breast Surgery

Currently in use in over 45 countries, across 1,300+ hospitals, thousands of surgeons and radiologists have now switched to our unique paramagnetic technologies to provide a more precise and reliable standard of breast cancer care for their patients.

This milestone marks significant progress in improving access to better healthcare and we look forward to continuing to support patients by helping to prevent unnecessary surgery, improve surgical outcomes and increase patient access globally for many years to come.

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