Is MRI overutilised in the work-up of primary breast cancer? Watch Patrick Borgen, MD debate… himself!

Could you be using MRI less than you currently do? Or is it a necessity in order to provide your patients with the best standard of screening?

These were some of the key questions from the inaugural Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative meeting, which saw 70 physicians from across four continents come together to discuss, debate and define the biggest challenges facing breast oncologists today.

In this particular grudge match, you'll see the spectacular sight of Patrick Borgen, MD of New York's Maimonides Medical Center taking on his alter ego Ben Ragtop, to debate the key arguments for and against MRI on the majority of patients, including:

  • Current usage rates, and the reasons and misconceptions behind this
  • Whether MRI drives higher rates of mastectomy
  • Which patients MRI should always be considered for - and which groups it may not be so necessary
  • The influence on individual-tailored management of treatment
  • Impacts on patient anxiety levels as a result of MRI treatment