Should all patients undergo oncoplastic surgery? Watch the full debate from TBCC On-Demand.

Oncoplastic surgery has proven to have many benefits for patients, both cosmetically and psychologically - but should it be included in every patients treatment pathway?

To kick off the second season of TBCC On-Demand, we pitched Mr. James Harvey from the UK against Julie Margenthaler M.D. of the US to make their arguments for and against a compulsory approach…

Watch as they debate: 

  • What true patient choice looks like and the information that should be provided at consultation.
  • If oncoplastic surgery provides a higher quality treatment experience.  
  • The impact that oncoplastics can have on further surgery and adjuvant therapy.
  • The patient groups who may receive less benefit from an oncoplastic procedure.
  • Whether all surgeons should be oncoplastic trained to be able to utilize a wider skill set. 

So, which side do you fall on? 

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