How to empower every patient: Top tips for adapting your approach to ultimate patient-centric care

Every breast cancer journey is unique, so how do you ensure you’re providing the right care for your patients?  

We sat down with Dr Allison DiPasquale, Ms Anushka Chaudhry and Dr Anne Peled to reflect on their approach to patient centric care and hear their top tips on how they empower their patients throughout diagnosis and treatment. 

In this fireside chat watch as these three experts discuss: 

  • Setting up post-operative expectations and communicating the right surgical options to ensure true patient choice. 
  • Managing risks and conditions such as lymphedema, pre and post-treatment. 
  • Holistic care and providing support beyond the initial treatment window. 
  • Advocating for improved cosmetic outcomes and looking beyond short term goals. 
  • The role physical therapy can play in reducing the risk of recurrence. 

This conversation was filmed at the Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative (TBCC) meeting.

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