Where, when and why should you inject Magtrace? Dr Karakatsanis shares his top tips

Whether you’re thinking about switching to Magtrace, have recently adopted it or are someone who’s been using it from the very start, the chances are that you already have a preferred tracer injection site.

However, what if there was an alternative approach that could be just as effective - if not more - for performance in sentinel lymph node biopsy?

In this talk from the inaugural Transatlantic Breast Cancer Collaborative (TBCC), Magtrace® pioneer Dr Andreas Karakatsanis shares his extensive data and experiences to show how moving to a peritumoral injection is delivering even more effective results.

Watch Dr Karakatsanis discuss:

  • Injecting Magtrace pre-operatively vs in the operating room
  • How different injection sites and timings can enhance detection rates
  • The impact of using different volumes of Magtrace
  • Best practice use of Magtrace in breast conserving surgery
  • Utilizing Magseed and Magtrace together for a complete magnetic approach

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