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Physicians from around the world explain why they're using the Sentimag® platform to provide their patients with better breast cancer care.

Trusted by Surgeons: Sentimag®

Michael Alvarado, MD

Benefits of adopting Endomag technologies

Michael Alvarado, MD

Technique vs Wire

Abigail Caudle, MD & Michael Alvarado, MD

Ash Kothari and colleague

Using technology to improve patient experience

Mr Ash Kothari

Dr Rosie Stanton

We're reducing visits by using Magseed and Magtrace

Rosie Stanton, MD

Anne Peled, MD talking

Technology is the best it's ever been

Anne Peled, MD

Michael Alvarado, MD talking

Innovation, technology benefits and better treatment

Michael Alvarado, MD

Anne Peled sat on coach

Technology to help avoid a re-excision, decrease morbidity

Anne Peled, MD

Michael Alvarado, MD

Setting an example to other institutions

Michael Alvarado, MD

The number one choice for thousands of surgeons around the world

Ms Anushka Chaudhry

Trusted by Surgeons: Magtrace®

Lisa Spiguel, MD

Reducing unnecessary surgery in the US

Lisa Spiguel, MD

shawna willey, MD on fox 5 news

Opening up new surgical opportunities

Shawna Willey, MD

Anne Peled on webinar

One of the most patient-centered treatments available

Anne Peled, MD

Cynthia Chao on webinar

Magtrace at Southern Maine Health Care Medical Center

Cynthia Chao, MD

Siobhan Laws breast consultant on webinar

Adopting Magtrace and delaying reconstructions

Ms Siobhan Laws

Trusted by Surgeons: Magseed®

Patrick Borgen on webinar

Choosing the right seed localization device

Patrick Borgen, MD

Intro to seeds

Abigail Caudle, MD & Michael Alvarado, MD

Massimiliano Cariati on webinar

Magseed better for nonpalpable lesion marking

Mr Massimilano Cariati

Abigail Caudle sitting on coach

Taking as little tissue as possible and uncoupling radiology and surgery

Abigail Caudle, MD

The ability to mark lymph nodes with Magseed enables targeted axillary dissection

Abigail Caudle, MD & Michael Alvarado, MD

Petros Charalampoudis on webinar

Magseed better localisation and working together

Mr Petros Charalampoudis

Abigail Caudle and Michael Alvarado talking

Abigail Caudle & Michael Alvarado - Full interview

Abigail Caudle, MD & Michael Alvarado, MD

Bruce Mann sitting on coach

Better accuracy and control than wires (hook needles)

Prof Bruce Mann

Anne Peled talking

Wire-free options are so much better

Anne Peled, MD

Trusted by Surgeons: Patient Outcomes

Cosmetic outcomes for patients are important

Abigail Caudle, MD & Michael Alvarado, MD

Anne Peled sat on coach

Avoiding unnecessary DCIS treatment

Anne Peled, MD

Trusted by Radiologists: Magseed®

Heather Greenwood, MD

Really easy way to localize lesions

Heather Greenwood, MD

Nina Klein interview

Lots of radiology experience, Magseed better

Nina Klein, MD

Ramya Pham radiologist

Magseed is quick and patients prefer it

Ramya Pham, MD

Trusted by Nurses: Magseed®

Umaymah Nisar interview

Anxiety of wire vs Magseed

Umaymah Nisar, Nurse

Peggy Hughes interview

Benefits to Endomag technologies

Peggy Hughes, MD

Umaymah Nisar nurse interview

Magseed reduces anxiety for patients

Umaymah Nisar, Nurse

Umaymah Nisar interview

Anxiety of wire localisation

Umaymah Nisar, Nurse