Product Insight: Magseed®

Hear why Magseed is the preferred choice for lesion localisations around the world.

Transitioning to Magseed

Dr. Ashley Simpson

Uncoupling Radiology and Surgery with Magseed

Dr. Abigail Caudle

Transitioning from Radioseeds to Magseed

Dr. Emilia Dauway

Reliable Teaching with Magseed

Dr. Lucy De La Cruz

Advantages of Magseed for Lesion Localisation

Dr. Patrick Borgen

Better Precision with Magseed

Dr. Janette Gomez

Magseed as a Replacement to Wires or RSL

Dr. Abigail Caudle & Dr. Michael Alvarado

Expereince with Radioactive Seeds

Dr. Kandace McGuire

Importance of screening and using Magseed

Laura Heraghty

Retrieval Ease of Magseed

Dr. Lucy De La Cruz

Positive Patient Feedback for Magseed

Dr. Ramya Pham

Lesion Localisation made Easy with Magseed

Dr. Heather Greenwood

Placing Magseed in the Breast

Mrs. Victoria Sinnet

Benefits of Magseed for Radiologists

Dr. Nina Klein

Moving from Wires to Magseed

Dr. Tammy De La Melena

Magseed has Better Accuracy and Control than Wires

Prof. Bruce Man

Magseed vs Wireless Localisation Systems

Dr. Janette Gomez

Reducing Patient Anxiety with Magseed

Umaymah Nisar

A New Technology to Improve Patient Care

Ruth Riley & Dr. Julian Kim