Non-radioactive TAD and SLNB with Magseed and Magtrace

The case

The case performed in this video is a simple mastectomy, with a targeted sentinel lymph node dissection of the left axilla. A Magseed® marker has been used to mark the previously positive node, alongside the Magtrace® lymphatic tracer for localization of the sentinel nodes.

In this video, Dr Alvarado explains how this patient had a positive lymph node when she presented, before undergoing neoadjuvant therapy.

The outcome

  • The first lymph node identified was the Magseed-marked node, with the highest possible signal of 9999 on the Sentimag® platform
  • High signal counts in the two Magtrace nodes too
  • All Magtrace nodes were clearly stained providing additional clear visualization
  • Node containing Magseed confirmed clearly on Intra-operative imaging
  • All nodes sent to pathology to confirm if patient has had a complete pathologic response
"You also get visualisation [with Magtrace] as well as the count” Michael Alvarado, MD

Dr Alvarado was one of the first US surgeons to adopt the Magtrace® lymphatic tracer, at UCSF in 2018.

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