Lesion localization + sentinel node biopsy in one platform.

Wire-free, radiation-free breast cancer localization

Easy and intuitive to use, the Sentimag® system provides precise localization for breast cancer physicians.

Precise localization

Sentimag® system for breast cancer localization

The Sentimag® localization system is the heart of our localization technology platform. Using magnetic sensing it detects our magnetic markers, Magseed® and Magtrace®, enabling physicians to carry out tumor localizations and breast cancer staging with one platform.

By adding greater flexibility, precision and removing the need for both wires and nuclear medicine, our platform is revolutionizing breast cancer care.

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Sentimag® system features + benefits

Intuitive and ergonomic probe

Easy to use with a very short learning curve

Audio and visual prompts

Large two-colour digital display with adjustable volume for easy detection read-outs

Ultra-sensitive design

Allows you to work quickly with great precision

Multi-use platform

Can be used with the Magseed® marker and Magtrace® lymphatic tracer for both tissue localization and sentinel node biopsy respectively

Instant feedback

When localizing you need instant feedback, and the Sentimag® system gives you this

360° sensing

A system that boasts no dead spots compared to other technologies

Trusted by experts

The Sentimag® system is trusted by the world’s best cancer surgeons. Listen to their personal experiences of using the Sentimag® probe to localize our Magseed® marker and Magtrace® lymphatic tracer in their daily care.

Michael Alvarado, MD
Professor of Surgery, Director, Breast Surgery Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco
Peggy Hughes
Nurse, University of California, San Francisco

"As a pioneering group in the field of breast cancer treatment, the innovation that we do is not just for our own patients. What we want to do is to set an example for other institutions, other community hospitals. We want them to realise that we've adopted Magtrace and Magseed, and it's been a very easy and nice conversion from the old technique, to the new technique. We really want these other institutions to start utilizing this, because it really is better for patients."

1,000+ hospitals
300,000+ patients
45+ countries

Join the thousands of physicians using the Sentimag® system to give their patients the best possible care.