SSM Health puts patients first with advanced breast cancer treatments

SSM Health puts patients first with advanced breast cancer treatments

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In this inspirational video, the breast care team at SSM Health shares why they put a special focus on their pursuit to offer the latest advances in breast cancer care to the their patients.

SSM Health in Missouri has long championed the patient experience, especially in their breast care division.

With this video, the hospital system has shared a blog which covers how and why their patients can benefit from the best standards of care currently available, which includes treatment using our Magseed® marker and Magtrace® lymphatic tracer for lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy patients.

In the video, Pamela Bunting, discusses how the latest breast technology could have reassured her mother on her day of surgery:

“My mom was actually diagnosed with breast cancer. She didn’t exactly have the best path. If she had something like the Magseed available for her, I think she would have been able to relax a little bit more the day of surgery. And I think that people would have been able to reassure her. She was so worried about that wire that was all she could think about. I think this would help a lot of patients with their anxiety.”

M.D. and breast surgeon Kaitlin Farrell tells us about how patients are benefiting from the Magtrace® lymphatic tracer:

“Previously many women would complain about the pain of the injection for the sentinel lymph node biopsy. [The Magtrace] procedure can actually be performed in the operating room when the patient is asleep. So not only does it eliminate potentially a procedure the day before or the morning of, but it also allows them not have to feel any of it.”

We are so glad to hear feedback like this that means that with every Endomag procedure we are improving the patient journey.

To find out more about SSM Health’s breast care treatments, check out their video here: