UK’s most-read Sunday newspaper features pioneering breast cancer procedure using the Magseed® marker

UK’s most-read Sunday newspaper features pioneering breast cancer procedure using the Magseed® marker

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On Sunday July 5th, one of the UK’s most popular newspapers, The Mail on Sunday, featured the Magseed® marker in an article about the effectiveness of using it for the advanced technique of Targeted Axillary Dissection (TAD).

Included in the piece was an interview with a patient named Jeevarani, who learned she had breast cancer back in July 2018.

The cancer had spread to her nearby lymph nodes, so she was treated with TAD. This involves marking affected lymph nodes – in this case with a Magseed® marker placed inside the nodes – before applying neo-adjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) to attempt to shrink or remove the disease.

The outcome from her procedure proved successful, with tests showing a positive nodal response.

“To be given this early-warning sign that my chemotherapy had worked was fantastic. I have a tiny scar under my armpit where it [the Magseed] was inserted and removed, but that's it.”

Jeevarani Sivapryan – Breast Cancer Patient

The Mail on Sunday also spoke to pioneering consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon, Peter Barry, from the Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey, who performed the procedure on Jeevarani.

Peter was one of the first surgeons in the UK to begin performing TAD since back when it was announced that the Magseed® marker was indicated for long-term use in soft tissue. So far, he’s been very pleased with the results.

“This tells us immediately whether chemotherapy has worked - and if a patient needs more treatment. If it has, there's no need to remove any further tissue.”

Mr. Peter Barry – Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

Below is a useful graphic, included in the article – which you can read hereshowing the TAD procedure with a Magseed® marker.

We’re delighted to hear that after the procedure, Jeevarani’s removed nodes were confirmed to be clear of cancer, providing peace of mind to this mother of three.

Thanks to ongoing research and surgical innovation, the Magseed® marker is enabling new and more accurate breast cancer surgery to be performed around the world, including TAD.

“Anything which reassures women with breast cancer that their disease has gone is a massive achievement.”

Jeevarani Sivapryan – Breast Cancer Patient