About Endomag

We’re developing a better standard of cancer care for all.

Our technologies make better cancer care possible by helping women with breast cancer avoid surgery when it isn’t needed, and experience better outcomes when it is.

Each year 2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer and most will undergo some form of surgery. We want to make that experience better. That’s why we’re working to improve the global standard of cancer care.

This clear focus has helped us grow from an academic research project into a global company with the belief that our technology can become the new standard of care across the world.

Over 650 hospitals in more than 40 countries have already given over 160,000 women access to more precise and less invasive breast cancer treatment thanks to our technologies.

Our mission

We want to improve breast cancer care in three ways.

Prevent unnecessary surgery

By offering physicians new techniques that are more accurate and provide greater flexibility, patients can avoid unnecessary surgery where possible.

Improve surgery

Our aim is to give physicians the best possible tools, so that patients can benefit from more precise, less invasive surgery.

Enable greater access

We're creating greater access to a better standard of care. Unlike radioactive treatments, our technology can be accessed by any hospital.

A company founded on one simple idea.

Endomag was founded as Endomagnetics in 2007 out of research conducted at the University College London (UCL) and the University of Houston.

The idea: use magnetics to remove the need for radioactivity when staging breast cancer.

Who we are

Leadership team

Eric Mayes, PhD
Andrew Shawcross, PhD
Quentin Harmer, PhD
Mathew Stephens
Rob Hincks, FCCA
Finance Director
Stuart Devine
Director of Sales and Channel Development
Anna Gourd
General Counsel

Board of Directors

Dr John Gonzalez
Eric Mayes, PhD
John Brimacombe
Operating Partner at Sussex Place Ventures and Senior Director, GM – Linguamatics, an IQVIA company
David Cummings
Partner at Draper Esprit
Peter Keen
Non-Executive Director