Telling our story on the HS. Health-Tech podcast

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It was Dr James Somauroo – podcast host, Forbes contributor and investor - who dubbed our CEO, Eric Mayes, a serial nano-tech entrepreneur.

In his ‘Story of Endomag’ podcast James traces Eric's nano-tech roots and his learnings from being Endomag employee number one. Along the way he discovers some fascinating facts about our Magseed® marker.

At the core of the podcast's story, Eric shares the trait of open curiosity. It sits at the centre of the way Endomag does business and creates its products.

In the beginning, Eric knew nothing about our specialist area of business – breast cancer surgery. He was, and is, an entrepreneurial material scientist. But he turned this into an advantage by fully engaging his own curiosity and building the culture of Endomag around this same trait.

“When I started speaking with surgeons and radiologists about what we were doing it was from a naïve point, getting their feedback, their thoughts. When I built the team out, I encouraged that same level of engagement, irrespective of what the person’s role was.

“To do this day, we’re unusual… all the leaders in the breast cancer field come to talk to us. They know we will listen and go away and make the next generation product that will solve their challenges.”

The impetus to create the Magseed® marker was born out of this deep partnership process.

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