“Unbelievably convenient” – The Magseed® marker feedback that means the world to us

Magseed patient, Chris Hiatt

We stumbled across an article recently that made all those years in the lab, the late nights, the hours sat on planes and time doing trials, worth it.

You don’t always get the chance to hear how an individual might have been affected by the technologies that you create, but when we saw this story, it made us feel like all of our efforts are worth it.

In July 2019, Chris shared her story with Mercy Hospitals, one of the US’s top five largest health systems. A year beforehand, she had sadly been diagnosed with breast cancer, but fortunately within a month of her diagnosis, she had a Magseed® marker placed and then soon after underwent a lumpectomy.

Here’s what she had to say about her experiences with the Magseed® marker:

“I had it in place for a couple of days and I didn’t even notice it or think about it. It was unbelievably convenient.”

“It eliminated the fear that the marker could move. It really removed some of the stress.”

When we read the comment from Chris who said that her breast surgery with our Magseed® marker had been “unbelievably convenient”, we couldn't help but feel proud that we had helped improve her experiences in a potentially traumatic time for her.

To hear someone describe their breast cancer surgery like that validates everything for us. That is what the Magseed® marker is all about. It's exactly what we set out to do with our technology - to radically improve the patient experience, not tinker around the edges.

Thank you, Chris. Without knowing it, you made our day when you said that.

The story ends on the fantastic news that six months after her surgery, Chris had returned to her pre-diagnosis activity levels and then a year after her diagnosis, she had said that she was feeling good and back to caring for her grandchildren.

Here's the full article from Mercy: 'New technology improves treatment of breast cancer'

Image credit: Mercy.net