The Cambridge Connection: Magseed® delivers a better patient experience to Ontario, Canada

The Cambridge Connection: Magseed® delivers a better patient experience to Ontario, Canada

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Cambridge Memorial Hospital has become the latest hospital in Canada to offer patients the Magseed® marker, after surgeons, radiologists and nurses all agreed the technology represented a huge leap forward in patient care.

Though over 3,000 miles separate Endomag’s headquarters in Cambridge, UK and Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Ontario, Canada, our missions remain the same – providing a better experience for patients as they face the daunting process of undergoing breast cancer treatment. 

For the hospital, which previously used guidewires, the reduction in patient discomfort and greater accuracy for lesion removal were two of the main reasons for the switch to the Magseed® marker – with radiologists and surgeons in total agreement on adopting the technology. 

With the introduction of Magseed®, our surgeons are better able to localize and remove the breast lesion, while improving the patient experience and increasing the efficiency of the teams involved” explained Dr. Winnie Lee, Interim Chief of Staff, and Chief of Diagnostic Imaging.

“This new technology has the potential to have a significant and positive impact on care at CMH. It truly is a multi-disciplinary and patient-centered advancement in breast care.”

Dr. Winnie Lee
Interim Chief of Staff and Chief of Diagnostic Imaging

A more efficient experience

The hospital’s first official Magseed® procedures were performed on April 4, marking an important milestone for local patients – the very first magnetic seed placements in the Waterloo region.

As would be expected of a seed marker proven across more than 150,000 procedures, the initial cases were a huge success, and the center are already seeing significant tangible benefits.

“All went better than planned, and in less time than usual” explained Dr. Donna Kolyn, General Surgeon. “Now that patients can have the Magseed placed well in advance of their surgery, the time constraints we had with the older method are no longer there.”

“This is better for the patient because they don’t need to be here for very long and with the time saved, we may be able to schedule more patients in a day.”

Dr. Donna Kolyn
General Surgeon

Cambridge Memorial has now joined an ever-growing community of over 800 hospitals in more than 45 countries now routinely using the Sentimag® system to provide their patients with a better standard of cancer care.


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