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By working closely with breast cancer surgeons and radiologists, we’ve developed a better standard of breast cancer care.

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Lesion localization + sentinel node biopsy in one platform

Our Sentimag® localization system, Magseed® markers and Magtrace® lymphatic tracer, enable physicians to carry out tumor localizations and breast cancer staging with one platform.

By adding greater flexibility and precision, and removing the need for both wires and radioactivity, our platform is revolutionizing breast cancer care.

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Over 300,000 women have received a better standard of breast surgery thanks to leading physicians at more than 1,000 hospitals who routinely use our technologies.

Abigail Caudle, MD and Michael Alvarado, MD
Breast Cancer Surgeons
Dr Michael Alvarado
Professor of Surgery, Director, Breast Surgery Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco

"When we first started using magnetic seeds or Magseeds, we wanted to make sure that they were as effective as the radioactive seed, and so in the breast, we had over 100 patients that we placed Magseeds in, and they were all retrieved surgically, and we found that it was easy to place, easy to use, very similar to our experience with radioactive seeds."