Tiny seed. Huge impact.

Perform more accurate breast surgery with the Magseed® marker

Used in more countries around the world than any other seed device, the Magseed® marker is fast becoming the new standard in breast cancer treatment. It has already given tens of thousands of women better outcomes from their breast cancer surgery.*

Why use Magseed®?

No wires. No radiation.

Magseed® marker for localising breast lesions

The Magseed® marker is a tiny seed designed to accurately mark the site of a cancer and help with its removal in surgery. Detected by our Sentimag localisation system and indicated for long-term implantation in any soft tissue, it enables more flexible and precise tumour localisation during surgery.

When it is placed in the breast or marked lesion, it is inactive, it can’t be broken and you can’t dislodge it. It is only when the Sentimag® probe is passed near the seed that it becomes detectable.

Your questions answered


Magseed® marker features + benefits

Place before surgery

Easily and accurately placed by radiology, any time before surgery, enabling greater flexibility.†

Firm implantation

Once the seed is implanted it can’t be dislodged, giving greater confidence.†

Go wireless

More flexible and less intrusive than a guide-wire.

No extra procedures needed

Once placed, your patient can go straight to surgery on the day, simplifying schedules for radiology and surgery.†

Precise localisation

Incredibly precise localisation with our Sentimag® probe means less-invasive surgery.

No radioactivity

Avoid the logistical implications of radioseeds.

Trusted by experts

Hear from some of the physicians around the world who have taken ownership of their schedules, reduced re-excision rates and are now able to give better patient care with the Magseed® marker.

Dr Michael Alvarado
Professor of Surgery, Director, Breast Surgery Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco
Dr Abigail Caudle
Associate Professor, Breast Surgical Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

"This is innovation, this is moving breast cancer treatment forward."

1,000+ hospitals
300,000+ patients
45+ countries

Join the hundreds of physicians using the Sentimag® platform and Magseed® marker to give their patients the best possible care.


*Data on file at Endomag. †Clinical references available on our Clinical data page.

Indications may vary in different countries; please either visit our Indications page, consult the appropriate IFU or your local distributor for more information.