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Sentimag® is the heart of our localization technology. Using magnetic sensing it detects the Magseed® marker and Magtrace® lymphatic tracer, enabling physicians to carry out tumor localizations and breast cancer staging within one platform.

It produces an alternating magnetic field that temporarily magnetizes any Magseed® marker or Magtrace® lymphatic tracer near the probe tip. The probe simultaneously detects tiny changes in the magnetic field around the probe, and these are converted into an audible response and numerical display that indicates the distances from the marker to the probe.

No. While the metallic instruments can affect the signal reading on the Sentimag®, this is only when they are in close proximity to the probe. For most cases you can simply remove them from the incision whilst sensing.

The new Sentimag® system has been developed to be simpler but at the same time provide more information to the clinician. In counts mode, Sentimag can be used to detect all Magseed® magnetic markers and the Magtrace® lymphatic tracer.

The system emits a signal which increases as the Sentimag probe moves closer to the magnetic seed. The signal response is displayed as a number on the display screen and communicated via an audible pitch, which increases with the increasing magnetic signal.

The latest version of Sentimag® now has an additional mode which can be used to detect the new Magseed® Pro magnetic marker called ‘Measure’ mode.

The pitch of the audio tone and the beat frequency both increase with proximity to the Magseed Pro. The screen also displays a millimeter distance, together with a graphic indicating the distance from the probe to the marker. 

When the distance is less than 5mm, the tone is continuous, increasing in pitch as the probe gets closer to the marker. Each coloured band represents 5 mm increments.

The new Sentimag® Smart Probe replicates the accuracy and ease of use associated with the original Sentimag probe, and has been designed to deliver even more precise localization through the five digit counts mode (see question below).

The new thinner Smart Probe is 50% smaller in diameter, providing surgeons with easier access and greater visibility, providing better aesthetic outcomes for oncoplastic surgery.

Unlike the original Sentimag®probe, both Smart Probes will also be compatible with the new MagseedPro® marker.

The price of a Sentimag® platform differs from country to country. Get in touch with our team of experts for more information.

Outside of the cost of the platform itself, there are several studies which have shown that the greater efficiencies from using the Sentimag® system can also result in significant cost savings for hospitals. This should also be considered alongside the price of the seed.

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