Small seed. Big impact.

Why upgrade to the Magseed® marker for wire-free breast lesion localization surgery?

If you are beginning to research seed localization technologies or have already made up your mind that you are upgrading from wire localization to seeds, once you give our Magseed® marker and Sentimag® guidance system a try, you won’t look back.

Here’s why…

Easy to place

You can place it when you want, where you need.

The Magseed® marker can be placed days, weeks or months ahead of surgery to suit both you and your patients schedules.

The procedure is very simple and can often be completed in a matter of minutes.† This flexibility means you don’t have to worry about additional procedures on the day of surgery affecting scheduling.

Find it. Mark it. Forget it.

Once implanted, it doesn't move, it's unbreakable and it's always detectable.

Unlike conventional guide-wires, after a Magseed® marker has been placed, patients won’t be able to feel it and its special design means it will sit firmly implanted in the cancer.

From the time it’s placed to the time of the surgery, it can’t be dislodged or broken and your patients don’t have to think about it anymore.†

Remove in one operation

Greater accuracy means fewer surgeries.

No patient wants to go through cancer surgery and no one wants to go through it more than once. Unfortunately with guide-wires, roughly 25% of the time a second surgery is needed.*

Using the Magseed® marker and our magnetic guidance system, Sentimag®, has been shown to reduce this down to as low as 6.5%.†

It's time to retire the wire

Cancer is being detected earlier. Treatments must keep up.

Wire-guided surgery was invented nearly 50 years ago yet is still the global standard in breast cancer removal.

Technology has moved on since then and now the Magseed® marker and Sentimag® guidance system is overcoming many of the shortcomings of guide-wires and transforming the way breast cancer surgery is performed.

Start giving your patients better today

Join the thousands of physicians using our Sentimag® guidance platform and Magseed® marker to give their patients the best possible care.


*Data on file at Endomag. †Clinical references available on our Clinical data page.

Indications may vary in different countries; please either visit our Indications page, consult the appropriate IFU or your local distributor for more information.